Well I brushed up on alot of material.

Ill be Rigging the face under the 2100 poly count model. It renders quickly and I can take off dispalcement.

I will have retractable Fangs Venom Real flow And slithering in the rock enviroment.

The Snake will be a bit tricky but I am confident Range Mapper coding will get me thru.

I am going to start by Rigging the Model.

Got some Basic animation and rigging done.Mega basic LOL.

anyways its seems to be going good this is the 512 poly model with displacement.

clearly there isnt enough base geamotry its a bit AA probmatic.

O well its just a test.

Enjoy Next I will be Coding Face expression Adding Fangs coding them as well Eye brow movement open mouth. and tongue. um dont know what else I can code.

The Body shouldnt be Hard working on alpha skin samples now.

Plan on Uv  mapping the 2100 poly model to see how it goes.

unless theres another uv map method from z I missed.


~ by infamouskiller on May 29, 2008.

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