Moving on

Well appearently adding geometry on a model after you modeled it cant be done it has to be done from the base im getting to many mesh errors I need a better aproach.

O well ill come back to the snake later perhaps for now I am moving on to Character Models.

Just part of the learning curve. Unless theres some tut or technique I missed I cant use this model.

Making simple edg eloops is far to tedious. the model will work as long as there isnt higher subdivision. which defeats the purpose.

I guess you have to be happy with your geometry before you hit the make poly button.

Damn you learning curve! Shakes fist!!!

Update: Ive gone through retopology and ive played with reconstruct subdiv.It ruins my mesh.

I cant find a way to get the mesh to come out right. I could make a  Body and attach it in c4d maybe?


~ by infamouskiller on June 1, 2008.

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