Well soon it will be time to make my awsome Demo reel I will be using traditional Animation techniques. I would like to re create a fighting scene from a movie as best I can for this traditional techniques will prob be hard. even with a previs to work from.

[ A previs is a movie you play on a plane in jpeg format and match the frames. Quicktime or mpeg is far to cpu draining so you use jpeg.]

There are plenty of avi to jpeg converters. then you load the first jpeg and the last into your 3d app and reload the animation.

So I have been brushing up on using Mocap and endorphine. Mostly Endorphine cause I only have a demo Mocap version for now.After I get more familiar with Enorphine I will purchase another Mocap.

Well heres the Videos for Endorphine I have been reading up on.

The only concern I have is exporting Bone sI understand IK/FK doesnt work or poles. Its a hurrdle I will have to ge tover later. I got my VBX into c4d but when I tried targeting the bones to a mesh I Had it made alot errors.

So clearly I need my own bone structure for the Animation model.

As you can see there is alot potential for a fighting scene with Endorphine. That and traditional Animation Coding should make quite a nice video.


~ by infamouskiller on June 19, 2008.

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