Texture usa

Well MY books will be here tommorow Ive cracked open a photoshop texturing book I had on the shedule. im already on page 155 in 2 days time so  not so bad.

Its 3d Game textures in photoshop heres the cover art its a very good book. exellent for someone like me who is trying to pick up so many fields, of the 3d world.

Vue c4d mudbox zbrush adobe PS Adobe illistrator for splines. and then animation coding FBX etc. endorphine mocap standard bone rigging.Almost for got Bodypaint and Uv mapping.

And after all that I am starting c++ forunetly Ive been working on 3d aspect for a few years and I am confident I can at leas tmake a crappy game if I could code it. Hopefully I do ok at the trig calculations and the code. I just need to learn the width and height functions and then getting a mesh in shouldnt be much more. a few keyboard camera commands and ill be happy. unfortunetly its alot harder then that but I think ill be ok ive already gone over tons of material on it.

anyways heres the game art book ill post the lessons after peace.

go red sox.


~ by infamouskiller on July 2, 2008.

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