Relying on skills

Well from my previous experiances in learning something somewhat new to me. I always had previous exp. to use to help me through things whether it was modding a ps one 1996 or the xbox360 today.I always had a nice base to work from. And I have to say its comfortable.I learned Autoexec Dos Scripting and VB visual Basic on a 486 33 mhz in 1990 so I do have a good background.

I continued that VB knowledge and made aimbots for counter strike. and severel hacks for WOW and FFXI and everlast macros scripts GUI overlays  etc. All that was fun learning to read mem dynamically and allocating into a function. But now I am where I am now in my life.

So I aspire to be a video game maker. This task is enormous.You need to know alot.

Generel knowledge of a pc what a cpu does what  a pin set is, what FBS graphics boards agp, pci, pci express, pci express 2.0,is what OS you run [lynx win].

Then 2d graphics PS Freehand illistrator vector graphics.for splines esp.

How to model what 3 point lighting is what are diffusion displacement bump transparency. they  all have there own functions and combinations for effects you must learn. Basic 3d structrure.

Then onto advanced apps and then onto zbrush mudbox and then FBX and animation Endorphine Mocap etc.

And then Finally rigging and advanced rigging animation scripting.

After all that, plus whole bunch. I left out AE, Avid, Vegas, Visual Studio dot net,Hex Fruity loops Pro tools editing  Ethernet,and etc.

Then you have the skills to attempt a crappy vdeo game but hey  it will be my video game and thats whats important to me.

So now I am learning cpp better then I have in the past 3 months. And its clicking in my head It feels nice to finally achieve what I have worked for so long.


~ by infamouskiller on July 12, 2008.

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