PC on Fire

Well yesterday was hectic, My 2500$ 4.0 ghz quad core bad ass water kooled pc caught on fire. I had a dvd rom that wouldnt open so I pulled  it out but when I did I ripped a wire. For my rig lights it shorted and smoked up. I frantically unplugged my pc. and felt like dying inside my pc I spent so much $$ on and time perfecting my rig. Was on fire is it broken will it turn on. So I unplugged my atx cables and checked em all out. the pc turned on I was happy IT kept shutting off and I was smelling burning wires I then looked again and found the short. it was my pc lights. o well no biggie ill just get a new case there only 80$ far less then the 2400$ in pc parts.

Next time I will be more careful removing pc parts. I guess thats what I get frustration always gets the better of you. I should of been more careful and slower.


~ by infamouskiller on July 15, 2008.

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