My video

Well me and some friends this weekend shot some video with the props heres a test video of some effects.

Ill later get my compositing cameras 2 of them actually there 1080i Semi pro Cameras. They should do nicely. And I plan on picking up 5 pencil cams and a cheap laptop to capture data for mocap.

With 1 HD cam as perspective and the 2nd for right the rest don’t need to be HD just the main persp.

Cam x 2 Sony HD 1920×1080 High speed shutter 60 frames is all I will need.

Enjoy the Vid Soon I will be making some ufo vids or a Star wars ship or something. Going to use Pftrack and Fusion for this.

And of course my love c4d for the 3d renderings.It feels nice to be a gangster at c4d šŸ˜›

Oh and I made some insect this weekend to for fun coded different wing movements thats about it.


~ by infamouskiller on July 21, 2008.

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