Zbrush to c4d to zbrush to c4d back to zbrush

O ya I forget to tell you I got alot of cinerversity zbrush intergration videos and expect to see A awsome t2 robot model as I am already 80% done with him. It covers brining a low poly mesh using displacement to bring back the detail. changing the model then bringing back to zbrush and getting all 5 sub div levels back after changing a model, in zbrush.

something I didnt know was so easy.I know how to export to c4d obviously but was confused on how to get back this will make some great workflow.

And the Huge aspect BP UV MAPPING MY LOVE enough said. Zbrush Body paint UV mapping will own plus PS cs3.

anyways I will be doing those tuts soon as c4d and zbrush are my main apps for my 3d carreer.

Oh and heres a render of T2 in zbrush I have been working on him for my project I still dont have a HD cam to film the scene yet. and my digital cam only does 15 fps far cry from the natural 30.

So I will have it finished by next month ill spend a day here and there not to much work maybe a day and half to get rdy for post.


~ by infamouskiller on July 21, 2008.

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